In its most simplest of forms a Franchise can best be described as a business in a box.  A model which is given to you which has been tried and tesetd for a period of time.  The British Franchise Assocation describes ‘A franchisee is a self-employed business owner. You own and run the business, using the brand and systems of an established company (called the franchisor)’

As a franchisee you are responbile for the running of your business, marketing to customers, the cash you earn and the rewards of all your hardwork!  A great franchise such as a Kalma Baby Childrens Yoga Franchise will give you a detailed amount of training which will prepare you for the running of your business, along with suport as each step which is a phonecall away.  As well as the extensive support and knowledge from the Kalma Baby Head Quarters team, one of the most valuable assets we have are our own network of franchisees which have been there done it and can always suggest ways to face challenges!

One of the many advantages of joining a franchise business is that its not always necessary to have prior training, and our bramd is one of those franchises.  No experience is required of running your own buainess nor any yoga experience.  We do however ask your passionate about working with children and their health and well being!  As an ethical Childrens Yoga Franchise brand you have full rights to our training, branding, templates, policies and proceedures all of which have been tried and tested.  A sucessful franchise business will want the successes of all its franchisees and strive to ensure this happens.  As a transparent Franchisor our monthly fees are kept at a flat fee, which means no percentage of turnover is taken (like other Franchisors) all that you earn is completely yours!

If a franchise business is something you are considering makesure you research around it.  Choose a franchise your passionate about and one that is worthy of you!


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